How does a barber who comes to Catawba County with just the shirt on his back rise up to become a business owner and elected official? And why exactly is the barbershop such a vital community gathering spot? Host Hal Row learns answers to these questions and more with this month’s storyteller, David Williams.

From industrial designer to cider maker, Justin Fox transformed his passion for making things into buying an orchard and crafting a life for himself and his family in Catawba County. Justin joins host Hal Row to talk apples and inspiration – and just how crazy his wife thought he was when he announced he wanted to become a farmer.

Your Host:  Hal Row is the host of First Talk with Hal Row, a broadcast news magazine on WHKY radio weekday mornings featuring news, weather, sports, and conversations with local guests. Known as the voice of Catawba County, Hal is deeply connected to the community and has been recognized with numerous community service awards due to his ongoing volunteer work with local nonprofits. When he’s not behind the microphone or lending a hand, Hal enjoys golf, movies, and vacationing in North Carolina. What does Hal love most about living in Catawba County? “I don’t know of any other place where I could do what I love and receive the support and encouragement I have received from all over this community.” Sounds like a pretty awesome gig.

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