Dr. Gener Augustin could have chosen to live anywhere. An accomplished vascular surgeon with time at Rochester University and Harvard under her belt, Gener came to Catawba County and realized it was where she needed to be – if she wanted to stay married, that is. While she was interviewing with Catawba Valley Health System, her husband Edward had already decided Catawba County would be their home. Hear more of Gener’s story – including her endless search for the best ice cream, and how she became an algorithm – on this month’s episode of Making. Living. Better.

In Catawba County, the Appalachian Trail is right in our backyard – and it has beckoned two local hikers in two very different ways. George Place uses the AT as a place for personal meditative journeys, venturing out on solo 10-to-12 day hikes on a near-annual basis. For Lori Wray, the AT is something to conquer in its entirety – which she has been doing, segment by segment, for the past three years. Listen in as host Hal Row digs into their unique and compelling AT stories on this special edition of Making. Living. Better.

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